INTER GRACE INSURANCE PROPOSAL FORM : TERMS AND CONDITIONS Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers


The Application includes a valuation for all of your goods to be insured. It is extremely important that all items are declared and valued at current replacement costs at destination. (See note on Valuation)

Items not declared are not insured

To help you, the Application form has headings for various rooms and a list of frequently shipped items. There are also separate headings for categories such as Antiques, China, Glass & Crystal, etc. You will probably have other items which should be added to the inventory. Please use the blank spaces for these items or attach additional detailed lists for categories where extra space is required.

If you wish to make your own detailed, written or printed personal valued inventory, this is also acceptable. Please ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the terms and conditions of the policy, and then attach your own list to the Application for Insurance which must be signed.

Otherwise, room by room, list the quantity of each item that you are moving on your valued inventory under the column marked “How Many”, then list the value of the item(s) in the column marked “Replacement Value”.

For example, if you have 6 dining chairs in the Dining room with a total value at destination of $1200, you should complete.

Article How Many Replacement Value
Chairs 6 $1,200

Please note that for settlement purposes, the insurers will average the values of multiple items within a given category based on the total number of items declared and the total value of the category. For example, the 6 chairs would be presumed to have a value of $200 each. Items exceeding average values within a grouped category should be listed separately.

If you are listing any item not preprinted on the form, be sure to give a good description of the item. Remember that any item or set over $500 value must be listed separately.

When you have listed all articles to be insured, calculate the values in each column and carry forward to the section marked Total Columns 1-9 to provide the total insurance value for your household goods.

Please check your listing to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

If you are shipping an automobile or other vehicles, provide the year/make and serial number. Vehicles should be valued at destination value for a vehicle of similar type, age and condition.

If you wish to include the cost of the move in the total insurance coverage, enter the total moving costs in the space provided.

Calculate the Grand Total, date and sign the form.


Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers Even though you are entrusting your household goods and personal effects to us as a professional mover there is a possibility of loss or damage while your shipment is exposed to the rigors of international transport. Moving companies, shipping lines and air lines have limited liability for loss or damage and we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance protection.
Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

Inter Grace has arranged a special program of insurance for household goods, personal effects, antiques, fine arts and automobiles for international transit, underwritten by Tokio Marine or MCIS Zurich Insurance.

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

Coverage is all risk, door to door with some exclusions and conditions. The precise wording is provided on the back of this application. Please make yourself familiar with these conditions before you complete the application. Should any items packed by yourself form part of the shipment, please refer to the items listed under section A of the exclusions, which are applicable to those owner packed items only. This Coverage is subject to a deductible of $200.00.

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

It is a condition of this program that a valued inventory must support the purchase of insurance protection. This application is designed to help you value your goods but a detailed written, typed or printed personal inventory showing values are also acceptable

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

The protection is based on your statement of value. Declare values on a per item basis. Only the items you specifically declare and value are insured and it is important to note that any settlement cannot exceed the insured value of an item regardless of replacement costs. Where settlement amounts to an item‘s full insured value, the item becomes the property of the insurer for the purpose of salvage. We recommend that you insure for the estimated destination value so that adequate protection is in place for all of your goods

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

Insurance coverage is only in effect if premiums are paid

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

Valuables, such as currency, jewelry, watches, coin and stamp collections are not covered by transit insurance. We recommend that you arrange separate coverage and hand carry to destination.

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

Inter Grace will provide a certificate of insurance once the completed application has been received.

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

To protect your own and the insurers interests, all inventory items must be checked off by number at the time of the delivery to confirm that all goods have been received. Please at that time also note any visible damage on the delivery report. Please notify the destination agent or Inter Grace immediately of any loss or damage. Any claims must be notified in writing within 45 days of the delivery date in accordance with the detailed claims instruction on the certificate of insurance. It is important that you do not discard any damaged items. The insurers may require visual proof or an examination of the damages.

Selangor Movers & Packers , Malaysia Movers and Packers

Questions regarding this coverage can be directed to your Inter Grace contact or the administrators. Thank you for choosing Inter Grace to handle your international move.


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